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What is a food processor?  If you want to speed up your work in the kitchen, this device is one of the fastest and easiest ways to do it.  A small food processor can go a long way in a professional or home kitchen and can reduce the amount of manual labor involved in making a recipe.  The best food processor will have a broad range of capabilities, including grinding, mincing, cutting, chopping, and even pureeing.  A manual food processor will give you even more options. 

Some recipes are next to impossible without a food processor, so you will also be able to make foods and drinks you would not be able to tackle without one.  In this way, a mini food processor can help you to expand your culinary horizons.  It’s easy to learn how to use a food processor, and you can be up and going in a matter of minutes.

Not everybody needs a commercial food processor with a full range of capabilities, or even a small, cheap home food processor.  If however you enjoy making sauces, smoothies, dips, salsas, and the like, you probably could benefit from one.  Ask yourself how much room you have on your kitchen counter, and whether the cooking tasks you need to do can be accomplished with a blender.  Food processors are capable of many cooking tasks that blenders are not.  They don’t require you to add any liquid, whereas blenders always do.

Important Food Processor features:

  • Range of Capabilities. Your food processor should have a broad range of capabilities.  It should work as a food blender as well as a food mixer.  Food processor uses are varied.  You can use yours as a baby food processor, or a mixer for salsas, smoothies, or dips.  
  • Plenty of Space.  While you may want a small food processor, you also want it to have enough space to make plenty of food.  Look for at least 9 cups of capacity.  Also pay attention to the dimensions of the feed tube.  When using the unit as a food chopper, you will want to be able to insert large pieces of food to chop up.  That way you can use your device for even more food processor recipes. 
  • Ease of Use and Options.  Good food processors have a range of speeds and options.  Controls should be intuitive.  
  • Safety.  It is extremely important that your mini food chopper be safe to use.  The bowl needs to be able to lock securely into the base, and the top needs to lock firmly as well.  The unit should only turn on when it is closed and everything is locked.  

Food Processor Reviews 

In order to choose the best food processor, you will need to do some research and find out what customers have to say about the different food processors out there.  You will find great food processor reviews for a Cuisinart food processor, as well as for a Kitchenaid food processor.  A Ninja food processor can also make an excellent choice.  We are particularly big fans of Cuisinart; Cuisinart food processor recipes are fun and easy to make, and a Cuisinart blender food processor is affordable and versatile.  Read on to discover our top picks based on customer recommendations on

Black and Decker Food Processor

A Black & Decker Food Processor may be exactly what you are looking for.  There are a number of food processors by this brand that we can recommend.  Look into the Black & Decker EHC650B Ergo 3-Cup Food Chopper, which is only around $20 to $25, and has excellent customer reviews.  If you only need a very small capacity, the Black & Decker HC306 1-1/2-Cup One-Touch Electric Chopper mini food chopper may be perfect for you.  For a higher capacity, try the Black & Decker FP1600B 8-Cup Food Processor Black or the Black & Decker FP1700B 8-Cup Food Processor.  The highest capacity food chopper we can recommend by this brand is the Black & Decker FP2500B PowerPro Wide-Mouth 10-Cup Food Processor.

You can also shop online for Black and Decker food processor parts.  You probably won’t need to replace your parts often, though, since Black and Decker food processor parts are well made and perform great.

Bosch Food Processor

There is one Bosch food processor we recommend, which is the Bosch MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Kitchen Machine.  This is an expensive commercial food processor which will run you around $380-$420, but for that price you get a 6-quart capacity and 4 different speeds for processing.  This is a great choice if you need to process large volumes of food, and is ideal for caterers or other professionals.

Braun Food Processor

Another machine we recommend is the Braun Multiquick 3 K650 Kitchen Machine 600-Watt.  This is a less expensive commercial food processor, costing around $130-$170.  Like the Bosch unit, it has excellent reviews, several different speed settings, and a high capacity.

Bullet Food Processor 

The Magic Bullet MBR-1701 17-Piece Express Mixing Set is only around $40-$60, and is an incredible value in that you get two different blades, two cups, four mugs, and a number of other components for one low price.  The set even comes with a recipe book.  If you are looking for flexibility and adaptability, the Magic Bullet MBR-1701 is hard to beat.

Breville Food Processor

Breville is a well-respected name in food processing.  There are a couple of different food processors by this brand which we think are worth having a look at.  Check out the Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor or the pricier Breville BSB530XL the All In One Processing Station.  Both are all-in-one sets similar to the Magic Bullet set above.

Cuisinart Food Processor

A Cuisinart food processor is one of our favorite choices for chopping and blending.  We’ve found almost a dozen machines which impress us.  Starting at the lower end of the capacity range, we have the Cuisinart DLC-2A Mini Prep Plus 3-Cup 250-Watt Food Processor.  This Cuisinart mini prep food processor is an outstanding choice if you don’t need a lot of volume.  Another Cuisinart mini prep food processor worth looking into is the Cuisinart DLC-1BCH Mini-Prep Food Processors.  Also consider the Cuisinart DFP-3 Handy Prep 3-Cup Food Processor, or the slightly larger Cuisinart DLC-4CHB Mini-Prep Plus 4-Cup Food Processor Brushed Stainless Steel.

Looking for a Cuisinart 7 cup food processor?  The Cuisinart DLC-10S Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor White is a perfect choice.  This Cuisinart mini food processor is ideal for many household cooking chores.  Another Cuisinart 7 cup food processor is the Cuisinart DLC-2007N Prep 7 7-Cup Food Processor.  This model has also garnered great reviews.

For a slightly larger capacity, consider a Cuisinart 9 cup food processor like the Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB Prep 9 9-Cup Food Processor.  If a Cuisinart 9 cup food processor isn’t going to be large enough, consider a Cuisinart 11 cup food processor such as the Cuisinart DLC-8S 11-Cup Pro Custom 11 Food Processor.  We looked at a number of processors in this capacity range, and the Cuisinart 11 cup food processor was the best we found.

For a larger Cuisinart food processor, you might try the Cuisinart FP-12DC Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor.  You could also go with the Cuisinart DFP-14 Custom 14-Cup Food Processor or the Cuisinart FP-14DC Elite Collection 14-Cup Food Processor.  Either Cuisinart 14 cup food processor will serve you well, especially the Cuisinart custom 14-cup food processor.  The Cuisinart elite food processor series is top of the line; any one of these units would be ideal for home or professional use.

While you are shopping for a Cuisinart elite food processor, you will probably want to pick up a Cuisinart food processor manual.  There are a lot of options on these high-tech models, and you will want to be familiar with settings and safety for the unit you buy.  These are considered to be some of the best food processors in the industry.  Along with your Cuisinart food processor manual, look for Cuisinart food processor parts.  Replacement Cuisinart food processor parts are easy to find, and with a good warranty, you will not have to pay for them.  These models can last for years if you take care of them.  Don’t forget to look up Cuisinart food processor recipes too to try with your new Cuisinart blender food processor!

De’Longhi Food Processor 

We also like the De’Longhi DFP250 9-Cup Capacity Food Processor with Integrated Blender.  This 9 cup food mixer comes with an integrated food blender, making it easy to multitask.  The model sells for around $70-$90 and has received some of the best food processor reviews.

Hamilton Beach Food Processor

This brand is very popular if you are shopping for a manual food chopper.  Eight-cup options include the HamiltonBeach 70450 8-Cup Bowl Food Processor White and the Hamilton Beach Brands 70740 Food Processor 2-Speed 8-Cups.  If you want a slightly larger mini food chopper, consider the HamiltonBeach 70610 10-Cup 500-Watt Food Processor or the HamiltonBeach 70760 10-Cup Food Processor.  The HamiltonBeach 70670 10-Cup Chef Prep 525-Watt Food Processor Black is a very popular choice as well.

Hamilton also makes some high quality 14-cup machines, including the Hamilton Beach 70575 Big Mouth Deluxe 14-Cup Food Processor and the Hamilton Beach 70579 Big Mouth Duo 14-Cup Food Processor.  Finally, check out the Hamilton Beach 58148 Power Elite Multi-Function Blender Black or the Hamilton Beach 70730 Bowl Scraper Food Processor.  HamiltonBeach food processor parts are very high quality, which is why these machines are so well liked.  Look for a great warranty, and you’ll be able to get free HamiltonBeach food processor parts as replacements if you need them.

Kitchenaid Food Processor

We can also recommend looking for a Kitchenaid food processor.  This brand makes great products in many different capacities.  There are a couple of great choices if you are looking for a Kitchenaid 7 cup food processor.  A Kitchenaid 9 cup food processor provides even more room, and if you need something really high in capacity, you cannot go wrong with a Kitchenaid 12 cup food processor.

The KitchenAid KFC3100OB 3.5-Cup Food Chopper is a small Kitchenaid food chopper.  For larger jobs, a Kitchenaid 7 cup food processor such as the Kitchenaid KFP0711-cu 7-Cup Food Processor KFP0711 Beautiful Countour Silver may be preferable.  Another great Kitchenaid food chopper is the KitchenAid KFP0922OB 9-Cup Food Processor Onyx Black.  This Kitchenaid 9 cup food processor is one of the best in the industry.  For a larger volume, consider a Kitchenaid 12 cup food processor or the KitchenAid KFP1333 13-cup Food Processor.

No matter what Kitchen Aid food processor you choose to invest in, you will be making a great purchase.  Kitchenaid food processor parts are made out of durable materials and can provide you with excellent performance for many years.  A warranty on Kitchenaid food processor parts can help you to maintain your device.

Magimix Food Processor 

Magimix is an interesting brand which is worth a look if you are shopping for a high capacity food processor.  Magimix 5200XL 16-Cup Food Processor offers a great deal of space, and may be good for large amounts of food processing.  The Magimix 3200XL 12-Cup Food Processor has somewhat better customer reviews, and may be a better machine overall.

Ninja Food Processor 

Looking for a blender food processor combo?  A Ninja food processor can be a great investment.  Ninja food processor reviews make it clear that these are top-of-the-line products which provide excellent and versatile performance.  If you are looking for a Ninja master prep food processor, the Ninja QB900B Master Prep is just what you are in the market for.  This little device retails for $30-$50, and is perfect for making smoothies and other delicious treats.  While the Ninja master prep food processor is a great choice, you will also want to look into the Ninja BL770 MEGA Blender with Single Serve or Ninja BL830 Ultima Blender Plus for a device which can function as a blender, chopper, or slicer.  A blender food processor combo will provide you with plenty of flexibility.

Several other Ninja food processors are of interest to a savvy buyer looking for the best food processors.  The Kitchen System series is very popular.  Some of the best Ninja food processor reviews are for the Ninja BL204 Kitchen System Pulse and the Ninja BL700 Kitchen System 1200.  Also highly rated are the Ninja BL771 Mega Kitchen System and the Ninja BL772 Complete Kitchen System Mega Blender & Food Processor.

Oster Food Processor 

In this brand, we recommend the Oster BCCG08-RFP-NP9 8-Speed Blender with Food Processor Attachment Metallic Red or alternately, the Oster FPSTFP4010 4-Cup Continuous Flow Mini Food Processor Black.  Both are available for around $40 to $60, making them affordable choices for a home blender food processor.

It’s not easy to find the best food processors, but any one of the devices we have talked about is a great starting point.  Whether you are thinking of getting a Cuisinart mini food processor or a Kitchen Aid food processor, a versatile blender food processor can be used to make dip, salsa, fruit drinks, and more.  What is a food processor?  Simply the best all-in-one kitchen solution.  It can even be used as a baby food processor.  However you plan to use your new device, a mini food processor can be a great asset in the kitchen.  When you read food processor reviews, you can learn about the real-life experiences of commercial and home customers who were searching for the best food processor, just like you.  This allows you to find the most effective small food processor for your needs.

If you need some additional guidance on how to use a food processor, make sure to purchase the applicable manuals.  Look up food processor uses and food processor recipes, and you’ll find plenty of fun and exciting ideas for what to do with your new mini food processor.

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