Chef Tony T-Mix XV700 Hand Held Food Processor (Black)

 Chef Tony T-Mix XV700 Hand Held Food Processor (Black) Buy Now on

Chef Tony T-Mix XV700 Hand Held Food Processor (Black) , selling for $69.99 brand new. Manufactured by High Street TV. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • With its unique variable 5 speed settings, you can create the most delicious dishes for any occasion.. in just minutes!
  • With a range of stainless steel, easy to attach, professional accessories this super versatile kitchen tool makes soups, dips, condiments, sauces, meringues, smoothies, milkshakes and even Frappuccinos in just minutes.
  • 800-watt handheld power unit with easy-to-attach accessories: a stick blender, whisk, multi-function processor and chopper.
  • Multi-function processor with 3 different accessories: slice, grate and chop
  • Extra Long 2.5m curly cable for easy access anywhere in the kitchen

The T-Mix Handheld Food Processor handles a variety of daily tasks, including
blending, whisking, mixing, chopping, whipping, and puréeing. Accessories are easy
to attach to the 800-watt handheld power unit.
Superior engineering makes this machine durable, while its professional strength
blades ensure perfect results, without leaving unwanted lumps of ice or fruit chunks!

Chef Tony T-Mix XV700 Hand Held Food Processor (Black)

Buy Now on

Buy for $69.99 brand new

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