Cuisinart BDH-2 Blade and Disc Holder

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Cuisinart BDH-2 Blade and Disc Holder was listed on Amazon for $48.00, selling for $24.17 USD brand new. Manufactured by Cuisinart. There are 12 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Holds steel blade, dough blade, detachable disc stem, and three cutting discs
  • Transparent lid locks for tamper-resistant safety
  • Constructed of high-impact plastic
  • Measures 8-3/4 inches wide by 7 inches deep by 7 inches high

Blade and Disc Holder (white) Holds Stainless Steel Blade, Dough Blade, Detachable Stem and 3 Discs
This simple unit provides safe, convenient, and attractive countertop storage for three Cuisinart blades and three cutting disks. It’s designed to be used as stand-alone storage or side by side with Cuisinart’s supplemental disk holder. The effective tamper-resistant locking device must be pulled out and twisted 90 degrees to access the cutting tools, and it automatically relocks when the lid is closed. Blades cannot be accessed via the open bottom, and disks can only be removed through the locking top. Moreover, when all three storage slots are occupied, the cutting edges of each disk are completely protected. Each blade holder is shaped to snugly fit its designated blade. High-impact plastic and external surfaces are smooth and curved to facilitate cleaning. –Toni Reineke

Cuisinart BDH-2 Blade and Disc Holder

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Buy for $24.17 brand new

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