Cuisinart Detachable Stem, Garden, Lawn, Maintenance

 Cuisinart Detachable Stem, Garden, Lawn, Maintenance Buy Now on

Cuisinart Detachable Stem, Garden, Lawn, Maintenance , selling for $86.29 brand new. Manufactured by Garden-Outdoor. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • DFP-7 DFP-7BC DLC-10 DLC-10C DLC-10E DLC-10P DLC-10S DLC-10SCH DLC-2007 DLC-2007N DLC-2009CHB DLC-5
  • Geniune replacement part for Cuisinart food processors

Part of the core of your Cuisinart Food Processor, the detachable stem allows for compact storage and helps hold each of the accessory discs in place. Whether you need to julienne, slice, or chop, your discs can be changed out using this single stem and will require it for operation.For use with Basic model DLC-5Classic models DLC-10, DLC-10C, DLC-10P (Pro), DLC-10SPrep 7 model DLC-2007

Cuisinart Detachable Stem, Garden, Lawn, Maintenance

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Buy for $86.29 brand new

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