Cuisinart FP-12JNDISC-1 14-Cup Julienne Disc

 Cuisinart FP-12JNDISC-1 14-Cup Julienne Disc Buy Now on

Cuisinart FP-12JNDISC-1 14-Cup Julienne Disc was listed on Amazon for $55.00, selling for $36.97 USD brand new. Manufactured by Cuisinart. There are 2 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Fits the Cuisinart FP-12, FP-12BK and the FP-12DC
  • The julienne disk gives you uniform 3-by-3-millimeter strips
  • Dishwasher safe for quick, convenient cleanup
  • slicing disc made of durable stainless steel

Add to your Cuisinart Elite Food Processor collection and increase the versatility in your kitchen. This julienne disk enables you to expand the use of your machine and save time. The Fine Square Julienne Disc can turn your salads, garnishes and side dishes into something really spectacular looking. Use it with carrots, potatoes and more to produce matchstick squares of vegetables for soups, fried haystacks or with fruit or coconut for making garnishes and decorating tops of pies, cakes or pastries. The julienne disk gives you uniform 3-by-3-millimeter strips and your guests will think you spent hours in preparation. The disk is dishwasher-safe, and of course, needs careful handling–they are super sharp, so watch your fingers. The disc is designed the FP-12, FP-12BK or the FP-12DC model of the Cuisinart Elite Collection 12 Cup Food Processors.

Cuisinart FP-12JNDISC-1 14-Cup Julienne Disc

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