Cuisinart Little Pro Plus Food Processor LPP-2JW

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Cuisinart Little Pro Plus Food Processor LPP-2JW , selling for $251.16 brand new. There are 46 units left brand new. If you prefer this product in used condition, there are 2 left on Amazon starting at $108.00.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Two-step type safety structure which does not operate after somewhere has opened
  • It is powerful and equips robustness and an induction motor quiet moreover.
  • The polycarbonate container excellent in heat resistance and the cold-proof
  • It is easy adjustment about a degree with a large-sized lever switch.

Power supply: Exchange 100V50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption: 190W
Number of rotations: 1500/1800 (at the time of no-load)
Rated time: 10 minutes
The length of a power cord: About 1.5 m (active length)
Quality of the material: Container = polycarbonate
Accessories: A work ball, simple cover, and metal braid, De blade, a spatula, a description with an original recipe

The home food processor of size exactly good for a 2~3-person family.
Though it is small, capacity is as enough as 1.0 liter.
Two kinds of basic parts are used and the work of minced meat to mince and to mix can be performed quickly easily.
The work which kneads bread dough is also managed to Easy, and also sound is very quiet.
And since it is hard to have heat, the flavor of a material is not spoiled.

Two-step safety structure which is not turned on if two places are not set completely.
The body made from polycarbonate currently used also for the passenger plane is strong, light, and strong also against a shock.
Bread dough and pizza crust are also made to Easy, and also since it kneads and raises until cloth is collected, it sticks and is easy to wash cloth on a work ball.
Since inside can be seen, the degree of foods can check by the eye.
Delicate adjustment is also simply at will at lever operation.

Cuisinart Little Pro Plus Food Processor LPP-2JW

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Starting at $108.00 used

Buy for $251.16 brand new

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