Euro-Pro EP91 Quad-Blade Food Processor

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Euro-Pro EP91 Quad-Blade Food Processor was listed on Amazon for $149.99, selling for $159.99 USD brand new. Manufactured by Euro-Pro. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Advanced Quad-Blade technology provides consistent, even chopping results
  • Powerful 800-watt motor; 1,100 watts on turbo pulse
  • Includes quad chopping blade, dough blade, 2 shredding blades, 2 slicing blades, french fry blade, 2 blade holders, spatula
  • Adjacent blade and accessory storage compartment with locking lid
  • 6-cup capacity work bowl; 1-year limited warranty

Euro-Pro Quad-Blade Food Processor
This powerful food prep center chops, slices, dices, shreds, and kneads up to 6 cups of food in its plastic work bowl to fulfill all your chopping needs in a single unit. The blender’s unique Quad-Blade technology combines a processing vortex equipped with 800 watts of power and four strong blades so even foods that are notorious for chopping unevenly in a food processor, such as onions or ice, come out in uniform chunks. Two speed settings—low or high—let you control the exact texture of chopped food and a pulse button gives an extra blast of power (up to 1,100 watts) to quickly finish off a chopping job. In addition to chopping vegetables, the usual fare for a food processor, the Quad-Blade blends cookie and pastry doughs, kneads up to 1-1/2 pounds of pizza or bread dough with the included dough blade, grinds meat or poultry for making burgers, and crushes ice into miniscule chips for cold drinks or snow cones. The processor also comes with five different slicing and shredding attachments that are held in place by a disc. A fine shredder preps cabbage for cole slaw, carrots for raw salads, or hard cheeses to top pasta, while a thicker shredder grates shoestring potatoes for grilling, mozzarella cheese for pizza, or iceberg lettuce for tacos. Two slicer attachments come in thick and thin widths for creating uniform slices of cucumbers, carrots, or potatoes. Finally, a French fry blade cuts potatoes into perfectly spaced squared pieces for dropping into a deep fryer. A feeding tube lets you continue to add food while the processor is spinning and a food pusher lets you put the right amount of pressure on food to get uniform slices. The Quad-Blade processor comes with an adjacent storage compartment that houses all the blades, blade attachments, and a spatula. For safety, the storage compartment has a locking lid and the food processor has suction-cup feet that keep it from shifting across the countertop when it’s processing. This food processor is covered by Euro-Pro under a 1-year limited warranty. –Cristina Vaamonde

Euro-Pro EP91 Quad-Blade Food Processor

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