GE Versa-Disc Food Processor Accessory Kit

 GE Versa-Disc Food Processor Accessory Kit Buy Now on

GE Versa-Disc Food Processor Accessory Kit , selling for $53.99 brand new. Manufactured by General Electric. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • General Electric GE Vera-Disc Food Processor Accessory Kit Model AD-1.
  • All that comes with this kit are included and as you can see have never been put to use!!
  • The Vera-Disc is made to be used with the GE Food Processor model FP-1 as well as the Food Processor Plus Blender model FP-2!!

The kit features are: French Fry Insert, Thick Slice Insert, Thin Slice Insert, Course Shredding Insert, Disc, and Instructions. Dishwasher safe.

GE Versa-Disc Food Processor Accessory Kit

Buy Now on

Buy for $53.99 brand new

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