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MICHIBA KITCHEN PRODUCT Food Processor MB-MM22B , selling for $143.00 brand new. Manufactured by Yamamoto Electric. There are 48 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Size: Width 21x height 25x depth of 16 cm
  • This amount of weights: About 3.1 kg
  • A material main part / ABS, a container/SUS, a braid/SUS, a braid holder / PP, packing/rubber
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Power consumption: 140W Power supply: Exchange 100V 50 / 60 Hz

Work [ multi-]
The multiple-purpose braid of the form corresponding to various foods realizes antirust performance preeminent in processing it specially on the surface.
In a grating, it is a grater.
There is also no necessity for a replacement of a troublesome attachment.
The “liquid” which generally serves as prohibition material with the food processor, “viscous foods” (a yam, a wild yam, fermented soybeans, etc.),
Use also to processing of “hard foods (ice, frozen fruit, coffee beans, hard cheese, etc.)” is possible.

Seven roles of one set Multi-cooking
it cuts fine — they /are /Break / bubble to carry out and to /mix — seven shining roles of one set to /knead (braid) and to /take down (grater)

Stepless adjustment can be carried out. Speed [ multi-]
It adjusts at will till “kneading gently” from “it breaks forcibly”!
Stepless regulation is possible in a part for from low-speed 800 rotation to the high-speed 3000 rotation /.
It is Coarsely ground of meat at a low speed.
Soup smooth at high speed.
The speed kneaded while looking at condition, if it is cloth of bread or a pasta is also at will.

DC motor
The world quality DC motor which realizes a forcible low speed
The highly efficient DC motor by which the technology of the world level was harnessed is carried.
the high speed & — also breaking ice powerfully and also kneading cloth forcibly at a low speed — at will .
Direct drive
A direct drive system is adopted.
Change and power of a delicate speed of a motor are told to a braid as it is.

Clear in the conditions which a pro demands
a powerful and strong motor — the stainless steel bowl with sufficient omission which is light and becomes dirty
Detachable — an easily washable braid
Simple operation
A delicate stepless speed regulating function
Smart design


Buy Now on Amazon.com

Buy for $143.00 brand new

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