Robertson’s High-Polyphenol Cacao Butter, 1 Pound. High Cacao Content, Rich Chocolate Scent

 Robertson's Organic Cocoa Butter, 1 Pound. Buy Now on

Robertson’s Organic Cocoa Butter, 1 Pound. was listed on Amazon for $42.97, selling for $30.28 USD brand new. Manufactured by Robertson Organics. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Made from the rarest and most expensive cocoa beans in the world. Give your skin the VIP treatment!
  • Proven to increase collagen levels in the skin (see details under product description) Makes your skin firmer with regular use – great pre-pregnancy or weightloss. Will *prevent* stretch marks if used regularly prior to and during weightloss and pregnancy
  • Smooths the texture of your skin, especially when combined with dry skin brushing
  • Delicious cocoa scent and pure enough to eat. Most cocoa butter on Amazon is not food-grade, meaning, it’s not safe to eat. Our cocoa butter is so pure and natural you can eat it!
  • Organic, Totally unrefined, GMO free. **See more verified reviews for this cocoa butter in the grocery section:

The Bentley of cocoa butter! This is the freshest cocoa butter on Amazon. It has high levels of cocoa extract which nourish and firm your skin. In vitro research has shown cocoa butter improves skin elasticity and promotes healthy collagen production, so it will prevent stretch marks when used prior to and during weight loss or pregnancy (Source: International Journal of Cosmetic Science, October 2008, pages 339-345). For best results, use everyday after a bath or shower. Check out more verified reviews of this cocoa butter in the grocery section: You’ll see what other Amazon customers have to say about our quality and service!

Robertson's Organic Cocoa Butter, 1 Pound.

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